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Join us this summer for an outdoor promenade performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet in the beautiful grounds of St Paul's Church in the heart of Covent Garden. Amid the rubble of the old politics a populist King rose to power, promising a return to England's golden age. But now he is dead, murdered; and in the following bloodbath his brother has seized the throne. A masked figure has been seen, stalking the shadows. There is whisper of a resistance, gathering in the dark. "To be or not to be, that is the question..." Uphold the state; or join the rebels? Be ready to choose in this thrilling contemporary production of Shakespeare's greatest play. Booking Period: 19 June - 27 July 2019 Running Time: To be confirmed Age Restrictions: 8+ (parental discretion)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there public restroom access at Iris Theatre? St. Paul's church has no public restroom access. The closest public toilet is located outside the building to left of the church entrance on the Covent Garden Piazza. There are several restaurants and pubs around who are happy to let you use their facilities as well. Does Iris Theatre have disabled access? There is a ramp to the left of the church steps which provides access to the main church building. For our summer shows, which promenade around the grounds of St Paul's Church, access is limited to the two lawns and this does impact in someways on the experience of disabled patrons; depending on the specific nature of each show. If you have access requirements then before booking for our summer season it is best to contact us at tickets@iristheatre.com to discuss how we can best facilitate your needs. For the outdoor summer shows what happens if the weather is bad? The vast majority of summer outdoor performances are completed each year. If it is only light rain, the performance goes on and we offer free rain ponchos to our audiences. If the rain is heavy, we may have to stop the show and re-start once the rain has cleared. On rare occasions, it will not be possible for us to complete the performance. Tickets are non-refundable in the event of cancellation because of the weather but may be exchanged for another performance or any other Iris Theatre show, subject to availability. Iris Theatre's summer shows are open-air shows therefore variation in weather, climate and temperature are out of our control and are part of the experience. For the summer shows, what time will you decide whether the performance will be cancelled due to bad weather? We will never cancel a performance before the advertised start time. This is because you would be amazed how often it can rain all day and then clear up just in time for the action to start and indeed, how localised bad weather can be. If a show is cancelled on account of the weather we will announce this at the venue. Venue: St. Paul's Church, Bedford St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9ED